Azure Advisory Ltd.
Azure Advisory Ltd.

About Us

Azure Advisory Ltd. is an independent Consulting Company, 
serving wealthy private clients

The organisation was founded by Thomas Boeckenfeld, based on over 20 years of international experience in Financial Services, Real Estate, as well as in Management Consulting and innovative Technology Consulting.

We are equipped with an excellent and extensive international network. Our clientele appreciate our well-versed advice and discrete way of dealing, hence sophisticated customers decide repeatedly for us.

The objective is to provide our customers with independent, personalised and tailored advisory and sustainable investment solutions, in facilitation of their individual needs, in order to add value to the success of our clients businesses, families and investments accordingly.



Specialised in tangible goods and illiquid assets

  • Real Estate

  • Super Sports Cars

  • Classic Cars


Added value

  • Competence
  • Independent advisory
  • Ethics
  • Power of diversity
  • Sustainable investments
  • Discretion



We look forward to hearing from you!


Thomas Boeckenfeld Managing Director

Geissbaechliweg 8b, 6318 Walchwil  (Zug),  Switzerland

Tel.: +41 (0)78 803 98 88